ePREP: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently  Asked Questions

Briefly tell me just what ePREP is and what people get out of it.
ePREP is an online program that is self-paced and can be done at any time in the privacy of your own home. It can be taken in one to three hours depending on the time you want to spend on each concept. You will be able to stop the program and return later when you have the time to continue. Your purchase is good for six months.There are 7 units. ePREP is fully narrated, that you can read along with as well as video examples and tutorials. They will help you to recognize and combat dynamic risk factors that often lead to relationship distress. Specifically, ePREP teaches communication techniques and problem-solving skills that help couples (or individuals looking for healthier relationships).

Is ePREP only for people whose relationships have hit a wall?
If you are in a committed relationship, ePREP can help you to improve your relationship whether you and your partner have hit a low point and are struggling or if you are doing well and just want to better protect a relationship that is a major source of joy in your life.
If you are dating but not in a serious committed relationship, ePREP can help you to date with your head and your heart more aligned.
If you are not dating right now, it can help you learn how to ready yourself to attract the right person and attract a healthy relationship.

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Why Should I Listen to You?
Two reasons.
1. ePREP is based on the PREP Approach
The doctors behind this curriculum (Drs Markman, Stanley, Rhoades, Braithwaite, and Fincham) have more scientific papers in relationship theory and relationship research than any other curriculum team today. In fact, if you look for the evidence-basis behind many relationship resources, you will find the PREP name. That is simply because several resources out there use PREP research in their materials. While there are many other very valuable learning tools that could help you improve your relationship, we are confident that we are the most credible source.
2. The experience itself is empowering
When you sit down to go through "ePREP" you become the driver of the experience. You will be running through the pages of information yourself, on your own timeframe, where and when you decide and you won't have someone talking down to you. The information is presented in a very straight-forward way. And you won't feel like a guinea pig because we've already had hundreds of couples run through a scientific study with this material and the experience of ePREP helped them to improve their relationship.

What should I look for in a relationship education program like ePREP?
There are several resources out there that can help you lead a successful romantic life. But not all of them should be trusted. Some programs might actually do more harm than good for you and your relationships. As a champion of relationship research and relationship education for over 30 years here is what we at PREP, Inc. firmly believe that you should look for when deciding which relationship education is right for you:

Evidence-Based Programs
Look for programs that are evidence-based. One way you can tell that something is evidence-based is to look for the scientific citations that accompany the program.
Link to citations for ePREP
Empirically-tested Programs
Look for programs that are empirically tested. One way you can tell that something is empirically-tested is to look for the scientific papers that describe outcomes for participants who took the program.
Link to abstracts for scientific papers on ePREP outcomes

What if I have a group of people who want to run through ePREP?
Call PREP at 1-800-366-0166 or email info@lovetakeslearning.com if you would like more information about how to introduce large groups to this online relationship education.

Seven sections that will revolutionize your love life:

#1 Improving Your Relationship - confront some things that often go wrong in relationships
#2 Filters - learn about the 5 filters that may secretly be wreaking havoc in your relationship
#3 Events, Issues, and Hidden Issues Model - stop arguing about the shallow stuff and get to the heart of conflicts
#4 Important Conversations - talk more & fight less using the Speaker Listener Technique
#5 Problem Solving - discover how problem-solving can bring you closer to your partner
#6 Fun and Friendship - brainstorm your way to more fun and a better friendship
#7 Putting It All Together - activate what you have learned

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