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A growing number of organizations, federal/state grantees, military installations, therapists, and others are purchasing ePREP Bulk. Here's why:

Customized Pages

Tell your clients how much you care about them and the health of their romantic life.

Trackable Progress

Know what is happening along the way as your clients complete units and finish the program.

Discount Pricing

Provide this proven to be effective online course to your clients and save money while doing so.

Customized Pages

When you purchase ePREP Bulk, your ePREP program begins and ends with customized messages from you to your clients. 
Add your logo, website, promotional video, pre-survey, special message, and more. Just send us the info and we load it into the opening and closing screens. Need an update to your message? Send it to us and we will be happy to get the new information added within 48 hours.

Track Progress & Completions

Be in the know! ePREP Bulk allows you to see how your clients are progressing. Did they register? Are they working on it? Did they complete it?
Your purchase of ePREP bulk gets you an easy to use and dynamically driven (automatic updates) database that keeps you on top of your clients' progress.

Discount Pricing

SAVE NEARLY 50% when you buy 1000 or more units.

Save $10 per unit when you buy 100 - 999 units. 

Save $5 per unit when you buy 50-99 units.

What people are saying about ePREP...

“I feel this online course is an excellent way to learn techniques that will help everyone in many different types of relationship situations-- including with work associates, friends, neighbors, and with family members.”

“ePREP is a fun and effective way to teach learners crucial relationship skills. I have noticed that our learners have shown growth in their understanding of their partners and feel motivated to practice specific strategies such as the speaker-listener  technique and problem-solving.”

“I liked all of it! I received a better understanding of the concepts I had attempted to use before. I have a deeper knowledge about hidden issues and how there is not always a problem to solve within arguments.”