You can start building a happier relationship today!    

ePREP is an online program based on the PREP Approach, the gold standard for strengthening relationships. The skills taught in ePREP have helped over a million couples around the world.

This video excerpt shows a couple before learning and after learning skills and strategies which are taught in ePREP.

(Non-scripted couple, not actors.)

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What will you experience when you buy the ePREP program?

  • After you purchase ePREP, we'll email you a link. Simply click, register, and get started!
  • You can do ePREP on your own or with your partner at your own pace.
  • Seven online sections that are fully narrated (narration begins after the copyright page).
  • Step-by-step relationship techniques that work.
  • You'll interact with ePREP by answering questions, quizzes, and practicing skills as directed.
  • You'll view videos of real couples using the ePREP techniques.
  • You can start and stop ePREP as you like, revisit sections, and review what you've learned.
  • Your program is good for six months.

Here are ePREP's 7 sections that will revolutionize your love life:

  • Improving Your Relationship - confront some things that often go wrong in relationships
  • Filters - learn about the 5 filters that may secretly be wreaking havoc in your relationship
  • Events, Issues, and Hidden Issues Model - stop arguing about the shallow stuff and get to the heart of conflicts
  • Important Conversations - talk more & fight less using the Speaker Listener Technique
  • Problem Solving - discover how problem-solving can bring you closer to your partner
  • Fun and Friendship - brainstorm your way to more fun and a better friendship
  • Putting It All Together - activate what you have learned

Looking for a great gift? ePREP is perfect for someone who is planning on getting married or needs help with a current relationship. You purchase the ePREP program, then email the link to your loved one with a personalized note.