Frequently  Asked Questions

What is ePREP?
ePREP is a fully narrated online program that is self-paced and can be done at any time in the privacy of your own home.
ePREP can strengthen and improve your relationship by teaching you how to:
#1 Recognize what often goes wrong in relationships
#2 Remove the filters that may secretly be wreaking havoc in your relationship
#3 Stop arguing about the shallow stuff and get to the heart of conflicts
#4 Talk more & fight less using the Speaker Listener Technique
#5 Problem-solve to put issues behind you and bring you closer to your partner
#6 Brainstorm your way to more fun and a better friendship
#7 Activate what you have learned

How long does it take to complete ePREP?
Your purchase is good for twelve months, but the program can be completed in about six hours depending on the time you want to spend on each concept. ePREP is fully narrated beginning after the copyright page. You will be able to stop, start, and review the program as often as you need in that twelve month period.

Is ePREP only for relationships that are having issues?
No, ePREP can help you improve your relationship even if your relationship is doing well. It teaches you to recognize warning signs that might signal danger ahead. ePREP also increases the level of dedication and commitment couples have for each other which protects the relationship from the inevitable problems that arise.

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I think my relationship is in trouble - can ePREP help?
Yes! ePREP has been proven to increase trust in relationships, while decreasing break-ups, as well as reducing depression and anxiety. We cannot guarantee your outcome but ePREP will increase your odds of success.

I am not in a committed relationship- can ePREP help me?
If you are dating but not in a serious committed relationship, ePREP can help you date with your head and your heart more aligned.
If you are not dating right now, it can help you learn how to ready yourself to attract the right person and attract a healthy relationship.

Why should I listen to you?
Two reasons.
1. ePREP was created by leading experts in relationship education.
The doctors behind the research on ePREP (Drs. Markman, Stanley, Rhoades, Braithwaite, and Fincham) have more scientific papers in relationship theory and relationship research than any other group of scholars we can think of who have worked on a relationship education curriculum.
2. ePREP has been scientifically tested.
Hundreds of couples have participated in 4 separate scientific studies. In addition, ePREP is based on the PREP curriculum which is the most scientifically studied relationship curriculum ever developed. ePREP is also part of a national, randomized controlled trial at this time. Preliminary findings have been very promising
Research Background for PREP

What should I look for in a relationship education program like ePREP?
There are several resources out there that may be able to help you lead a successful romantic life. But not all of them should be trusted. Some programs might actually do more harm than good for you and your relationships, so choose wisely!

1. The program should be Evidence-Based
Look for the scientific citations that accompany the program.
Link to citations for ePREP
2. The program should be Empirically-Tested
Find scientific papers that describe outcomes for participants who took the program.
Link to abstracts for scientific papers on ePREP outcomes

What if I have a group of people who want to run through ePREP?
Call PREP at 1-800-366-0166 or email if you would like more information about how to introduce large groups to this online relationship education.

We do not provide an ePREP completion certificate for retail purchases.