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This section identifies negative behaviors that can cause relationships to fail. After watching this unit you will be able to easily identify these behaviors as they occur in your own relationship and you will have some practical tools for how to better protect your relationship from these toxic negative behaviors.

If what you are saying to your partner isn't being heard how you meant it – filters are probably at work. Filters are the things that impact how we interpret someone else. In this section you will learn what major filters are at play in most relationships and what you can do to account for them and make your communication come across more clearly.

Sometimes it is easier to get angry about surface-level things rather than talk honestly about the deeper-level emotions that make us feel vulnerable. Here you will learn how to increase intimacy in your relationship by talking about the real emotion behind your arguments instead of staying safely in the shallow-end.

The more important the conversation is, the harder it can be to say it right. Here you will view The Speaker Listener Technique, which makes it easier to speak briefly, respectfully and from your own point of view, which then makes it easier for the listener to understand the message.

Section 5 will explore some of the major reasons people get stuck when they're trying to problem solve and it provides a practical easy-to-follow approach to problem solving that will make it easier to face problems directly and with the optimism that you can either solve them or you can at least prevent them from sinking a good relationship.

Fun is one of the biggest protective factors there is for a healthy relationship. Unit 6 will help you explore ways to keep fun a high priority for you in your relationship so that you can protect the good stuff and still make time to deal with the more difficult stuff.


Section 7 is a quick review that highlights many of the most important concepts throughout the entire curriculum. Our research participants found that this sections reinforces the rest of the concepts and it brings them all together.