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ePREP is an online program brought to you by PREP, Inc., the gold standard for relationship education curricula development and dissemination.
The skills and strategies presented in ePREP have helped over a million couples around the world.



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What are the happy couples doing that the unhappy couples are not?
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"I found ePREP through an article that had several online sites to help relationships. I'm glad I found it!"

"We are on section 3 and have learned so much already! My boyfriend is very excited about finishing ePREP and he has even posted notes on the 'filter' so he can actively identify them as they come up."

"We both really love the insight this program is offering! ... tell the researchers thanks for the hard work researching and making it available to us!"

Seven sections that will revolutionize your love life:

#1 Improving Your Relationship - confront some things that often go wrong in relationships
#2 Filters - learn about the 5 filters that may secretly be wreaking havoc in your relationship
#3 Events, Issues, and Hidden Issues Model - stop arguing about the shallow stuff and get to the heart of conflicts
#4 Important Conversations - talk more & fight less using the Speaker Listener Technique
#5 Problem Solving - discover how problem-solving can bring you closer to your partner
#6 Fun and Friendship - brainstorm your way to more fun and a better friendship
#7 Putting It All Together - activate what you have learned


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